CHI-O PHI Pance Datu (Black Knight)
CHI-O PHI Pance Datu (Black Knight)

CHI-O PHI Pance Datu (Black Knight)


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The Black Knight is a mix of the Pance Datu (5 metals) and has very interesting characteristics.

After just a few days it begins to darken and eventually becomes antique looking, almost black.

The reason it turns black is that when other metals interact with the gold, they change the property of the gold from reflecting light to gathering light. So our eye perceives the metal as darker, but in reality, it is holding the light in the metal. So when more light is stored in the metal, fewer photons are released back into the environment and reach our eyes.

This model has been a favorite of men and looks much more stunning in reality than in the pictures. The light that is captured in the Black Knight is difficult to photograph properly to get the actual sense of how incredible this looks after it has changed color.

(Includes 2 Hologram Cards, #15 Chakra Balance and #3 Eliminate Negative Energy)

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