Room Balancer

Room Balancer


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With this Chi-O, you can change the feeling in the room by simply inserting a different Pre-programmed Hologram Card. Of course the Chi-O Room Balancer has the same Bio-Friendly frequencies as the smaller Chi-Os but is much stronger. We have added 3 more Scalar Amplifiers so that it will cover about 1000 square feet. In addition to the Bio-Friendly frequencies, you can also encode the signal with specific informational fields to increase your sense of well being. Since it is powered by a small, rechargeable battery (one charge will last up to 6 months), you can easily bring it with you to work or when you travel to enhance your atmosphere while you are at work or on the go. Two Pre-programmed Hologram Cards come with your purchase of the Chi-O Room Balancer, Chakra Balance and Eliminate Negative Energy.

Comes with 2 pre-programmed hologram cards, Chakra Balance and Eliminate Negative Energy.

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