Room Balancer (Solid Teak Wood)
Room Balancer (Solid Teak Wood)

Room Balancer (Solid Teak Wood)

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Made of Solid Teak, the new Room Balancer is attractive and organic looking. Everyone has loved the original Room Balancer with the plastic enclosure, but this adds another whole dimension by making it part of the furniture.

With this Chi-O, you can change the feeling in the room by simply inserting a different Pre-programmed Hologram Card. Of course the Chi-O Room Balancer has the same Bio-Friendly frequencies as the smaller Chi-Os but is much stronger. We have added 3 more Scalar Amplifiers so that it will cover about 1000 square feet. In addition to the Bio-Friendly frequencies, you can also encode the signal with specific informational fields to increase your sense of well being. Since it is powered by a small, rechargeable battery (one charge will last up to 6 months), you can easily bring it with you to work or when you travel to enhance your atmosphere while you are at work or on the go. For a limited time we are offering 5 Pre-programmed Hologram Cards with your purchase of the Chi-O Room Balancer. Please list the five cards you would like to receive in the message section of your shopping cart order or call to order in person.

Comes with 2 pre-programmed hologram cards, Chakra Balance and Eliminate Negative Energy.

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