About Us

At Restore My Spectrum, our goal is to optimize your health by offering products and solutions that protect and maintain your optimal health.  There are so many different things in our environment these days that contribute to disease, poor health and a lesser quality of life.  There has been a lot of research done in the field of EMF’s and the effect on us as human beings.  You can form your own opinions, but living in a world where you want to live your best healthy life, just makes logical sense.  We have done our due diligence and kept our fingers on the developing reports and information about how dangerous EMF’s are growing and becoming a normal part of our lives. 

We are not experts by any means but have been in the health space for many years and done our own research and development.  We work with scientists, inventors, and other experts in the field to bring you the best, most effective products we can find. 

There are many opinions about EMF’s (Electromagnetic Fields) out there.  We have experienced first hand the headaches, poor health and drop in energy because of this.  And with our new world of faster speeds on our devices both in our homes and outside, it has become increasingly alarming the amount of health issues reported about this. 

The dictionary defines EMF as: 

e·lec·tro·mag·net·ic field [electromagnetic field] NOUN PHYSICS - a field of force that consists of both electric and magnetic components, resulting from the motion of an electric charge and containing a definite amount of electromagnetic energy.

While there are EMF’s that aren’t harmful, the majority that are, come from the modern devices we use everyday.  Predictably, this is only going to get worse and we need to take action now to protect ourselves from harm and optimize our health.

We offer a very diverse selection of products that can help give you and your loved ones the protection and safety they need to protect from dangerous EMF’s.  There is something for everyone and we work with as many local, sustainable companies as possible.  We like to bring big business to small business and promote products that balance your mind/body connection and help you to feel amazing!

Now is the time to take action and take control of your health and your future.  It is our responsibility to look after our health, so plan accordingly and use the tools you need to help you make that happen.  You only get one life, be happy and healthy and enjoy every moment by getting your EMF protection products today!